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There are two examination papers for SL students (Paper 1 & 2) and three for HL students (Paper 1, 2 & 3) Paper 1 - Themes.

international remittances from economic migrants. Summary IB Geography Unit 1 Changing Population (full notes) (15) 3.

HL 2.

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. An overview of contemporary global networks and flows global trade in materials, manufactured goods and services. If you&39;re on the SL track, you&39;ll need to master two subjects; if you&39;re on the HL track, you&39;ll need to master three.

IB Geography FRESHWATER. This includes all of the course content and case studies needed for the first core unit Changing Populations IB Geography new syllabus whose first examination is in 2019.

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It is a collection of lecture notes and resources from several years of teaching geography at the IB Diploma level.

1 20 Internal 20 20 25 20 Fieldwork One written report based on a fieldwork question from any suitable syllabus topic, information collection. IB Geography new syllabus core Units 1-3 (full notes) 10.

Daltonlaan 400, 3584 BK Utrecht, The Netherlands 31 (0)30 4 300 430 contactib. Read the following articles and make notes about the site of the olympic park - where, clean-up required, benfits to the area pdf article, olympic site.

case study.

The Internet Public Library.


. 48. The purpose of this website is to provide revision notes for students preparing for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program in Geography.

2 Responses to High and low Fertility (1) Ageing Populations A country&39;s population can be divided into three groups, old dependents, young dependents and economically active. HL 2. . . Paper 2 Unit 2 Global Climate. .

By using these notes I easily got a 7 in my first exam passing with over 90.

Economic Interactions & Flows. .

IB Academy.

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Population possibilities and power over the decision-making process.