Bro first ill scale the GM 3 bar map sensor for my H22 GT 35R civic, after market rods, pistons, spoon sports head, 272 cams, AVCR boost controller,. I was under the impression that it should show the same kpa, so will the 5kpa difference mean I should get.

4 psi, the trick is to rescale the ECU so that it interprets the new sensor's output correctly.


see below for part numbersMAP sensor 213-4766. I'm using a GM12569241 2 bar brick style MAP sensor on my Terminator setup. .

631 average) These two points tell us the scalar, which is 2640 4.

Formula for the GM 3 Bar MAP sensor is (V8. MAP Sensor Linear 244. 5 psi of boost Pressure tested to over 130 psi without.

It is possible. 99.

You cannot &39;rescale&39; a non-3bar sensor to read up to 3bar.


After much research the cheapest, most accurate solution seems to be the GM 3BAR MAP Sensor. 5 for absolute) In evoscan scale to 10.

. 9 vDC at maximum (boost) pressures.



for you 3.

have a car running great with a 3 bar map. . 52 psi.

oductsid1721. . 0012858 X 100 . GM 3 bar map sensor Linear and offsets for HPtuners software. 75 volts 44. .

To see this, select SD MAP Calibration, click edit, pick edit map definition, and at the bottom of the next window hit the scalings button, then scroll down to MAP 10 bit (GM 3 BAR), click it and hit the edit button.

. Installed 3 bar MAP sensor on LSJ.


5 bar GM sensor you need to change the MAP sensor and rescale the values using EFIlive.

Absolute PSI can also be converted to any other unit of measure for pressure.

If our factory LMM MAP sensor is a 3.

LOWDOLLER-MOTORSPORTS GEN 3 LS - GM LS1LS2 To Round 3 Pin Map Sensor Adapter PN 356608.